Dress Regulation

Dress Regulation

All Dining Places Library All Bars excluding PUB 1913 Card Rooms Billiards Room and the Lounges

  • Lounge Suit/Combination/Bandh Gala
  • Jodhpuri Coat & Trouser
  • Safari Suit/Bush Shirt T-Shirt and Trouser
  • Trouser with Chinese/Collared Shirt/ (Tucked inside)
  • National dress, Achkans with Churidar, Dhoti Kurta, Salwar kameez,Pyjama Kurta preferably with Nehru Jacket.
  • Polo neck sweaters with jackets (only during winters)

For Dance Floor/Special Occasions (X-Mas. New Year etc.)

  • Lounge Suit/Combination with tie/Bandh Gala
  • Jodhpuri Coat & Trouser
  • Trouser with Collared Shirt (Tucked inside)

Attire for Kashmir Lawns/Rose Garden/CCD/PUB1913

  • Sports Attire permitted restricted to the area.
  • Chappals, Shorts etc. not permitted for formal lunch/dinner.

Dress for Sports/Health Club/Swimming Pool


  • Predominantly white collared t-shirts with subtle logos (white pullovers for winter).
  • Tennis shorts/lowers
  • Tennis shoes/non marking shoes for squash (white predominantly) Nylon [cotton socks white Health Club
  • T shirts, shorts/track pants
  • Appropriate footwear Swimming Pool
  • Appropriate Swimsuits only
  •  Head gear for members with long hair.

Attire Not Permitted Inside the Main Building

  • Patkas/Caps/Hats (except woolen caps permitted during winters)
  • Sports Shoes/sneakers/Kids/Canvas shoes
  • Sports clothes/Shorts, Three fourths, Tights etc.
  • Rubber Chappals/Chappals without back strap
  • T-Shirts without collars and figures or slogans embossed.
  •  Shirts with figures or slogans embossed.
  •  Torn/distressed/faded jeans or cargos.
  • Shoes without socks
  • Untucked T shirts / shirts